Thursday, 20 July 2017

Videos: Saudi King Salman calls for the arrest of a Saudi Prince after a vulgar video goes viral

A Saudi prince was arrested Thursday on King Salman's order, a state-run broadcaster reported, as outrage grew on social media over videos appearing to show him abusing members of the public.
Salman issued a warrant for "the immediate arrest ... and imprisonment" of Prince Saud, a descendent of Saudi Arabia's founder, along with a group of men who appeared in the videos uploaded to YouTube, Al-Ikhbariya television reported.
A video circulating on social media showed police escorting the young prince - one of the thousands of members of the royal family - out of a house in handcuffs.
The arrest came after the prince, whose face can clearly be seen in some of the videos shared via Twitter on Wednesday, unleashed a wave of verbal and physical abuse on Saudis and foreigners.
The videos have sparked anger on social media, with users identifying as Saudi citizens calling for the prince to be put on trial.
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The King publicly acknowledged the incident:
He stated that no matter who commits the crime (whether a prince or civilian), if there is proof, justice will be served.

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  1. You see? This is how a good leader should rule. No partiality.

    Long live TBW


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