Sunday, 23 July 2017

Photos: Talk about ill-luck..... SAD!!!

Making his way to Prague via a stopover in Frankfurt, a Dubai based former journalist Kareem Farid was stopped and detained by security in a classic case of mistaken identity.

Kareem's phone was confiscated and he was interrogated in the small room he was kept in for his duration at the airport, a total of four hours causing him to miss his connecting flight. It was soon realized that Kareem was not the criminal they were looking for, rather a different 'Karim' who had committed an offence in Germany.
Screen Shot 2017 07 22 At 15 13 57
Screen Shot 2017 07 22 At 15 14 12

Kareem finally made his way on to Prague where he can hopefully enjoy the rest of his trip without any more interrogations.

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