Tuesday, 25 July 2017

'Jill Movida' an alleged employee of Movida Nightclub Dubai posts a racist comment on Facebook

Racism exists even in such a culturally diverse city as Dubai.
A woman, who claimed to be an employee at a Dubai nightclub, has made some racist comments on social media, according to Khaleej Times.
On Sunday, an American woman, who goes by the name of “Jill Movida” on Facebook, posted on the platform that “if we removed all the Indians and Filipinos from Dubai, Dubai would be perfect.” The woman’s social media page claims she is from New Orleans, Louisiana and currently works in Movida nightclub in the city.
The post was soon deleted from Facebook but not before it went viral. Her remarks were met with a huge number of likes from people who seemed to be of the same racist mindset as hers.
However, when the nightclub was approached for a statement, it totally denied the fact the woman worked for them.
Alberto Barbieri, the operations director of Movida said “Jill Movida” was not in any way linked to the club, despite her claims on the Facebook account. He also said they had trouble from the woman in the past also.
“This lady already made a very negative comment on Facebook a good few months ago about Arabs. We noticed this as her profile says she works at Movida,” Barbieri said. “I can categorically say that (she) does not work there...from the people I've have asked, she (has not) ever worked there.”
“I told everyone that could to report it, and now we have seen this latest comment from her,” he added. “Again my staff have reported the comment.”
Barbieri also said that the nightclub “would never condone such behavior from any of our staff.”
“Jill Movida” has not yet replied to requests for comments.

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  1. Shame on Jill and Movida if true!

    Long live TBW

  2. Racism is everywhere even in Dubai?


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