Saturday, 29 July 2017

Photos: Donald Trump breaks a couple's marriage & home

The wife of a Florida Democratic state prosecutor said she is getting divorced, in part because she supports President Donald Trump and he doesn't.
Lynn Aronberg said in a news release Thursday that she is "amicably" divorcing Palm Beach Countystate attorney Dave Aronberg.
Lynn Aronberg said she is a "staunch Republican and supporter of President Trump," while her husband is not. She says that fact led her to feel "increasingly isolated in the marriage."The 37-year-old former Miami Dolphins cheerleader and public relations consultant said she is getting a $100,000 settlement, including a new BMW and $40,000 in cash.
Dave Aronberg is a former state senator who was elected to his current office in 2012.
The spokesman for the 46-year-old prosecutor said Aronberg had no comment.
Photo published for He didn't support Trump: Lynn Aronberg says that's partly why she divorced Palm Beach State...

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  1. Hmmmmm, the title though!
    The way you wrote it I thought maybe Trump slept with the woman and her husby found out!



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