Saturday, 29 July 2017

4 Arab states today meet in Bahrain to discuss #QatarCrisis

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain will meet in Manama on Saturday to discuss the latest developments on their boycott of Qatar, Egypt's foreign ministry said on Friday.
The four Arab states cut ties with Qatar early last month, accusing it of backing terrorist groups, which Doha denies, and developing ties with Iran.
In the two-day meeting, the four countries will press Qatar to comply with their demands, which include stopping interference in their internal affairs, the Egyptian statement said.
The four Arab countries added 18 more groups and individuals they say are linked to Qatar to their terrorist lists last week.
Efforts led by Kuwait and Turkey and calls from the US administration have failed to ease what has become the worst rift between Arab states in years.

Meanwhile, Wam said a new documentary report released by UAE television channels has revealed new details about "Qatar's plots against the UAE and the Gulf states".
Citing audio and video confessions by Mahmoud Al Jaidah, who received a seven-year jail sentence for supporting the illegal Islamist group, Al Islah, the television report revealed that Doha passed on information to the group about operations to dismantle the network run by it.
According to the report, Qatar hosted several meetings to support Al Islah. It also played the role of a mediator and actively funded the group.
The documentary said it provided fugitives and members of the secret organisation accommodation in hotels in several Gulf countries.

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