Friday, 28 July 2017

It's official! Dubai International Airport is the World's Busiest Airport

Dubai International Airport has been identified as the world's busiest airport  once again.
As more routes are launched, the airport gets filled with more and more international passengers.
Last year, Reuters reported that 2016 proved to be the second slowest annual growth rate in eight years for the airport, with 83.6 million passengers.
Forecasts were made that 2017 would represent an increase of 6.5% more passengers than the previous year as they would be seeing an addition of 11 new destinations.
Recorded by Dubai Airport operators, Dubai International Airport had already surpassed 22.5 million passengers during their first quarter of 2017.
March 2017 saw almost 3.8% increased amount of passengers than they did in the previous year. 


  1. This Dubai sha!!!!!

    Long live TBW

  2. Iyen na nice.


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