Saturday, 29 July 2017

Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington's wife, Talinda Bennington breaks her silence

The wife of late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington has broken her silence a week after his shocking suicide, saying they lived a fairytale life and her soul is now shattered.
Talinda Bennington, who was married to the 41-year-old rocker for 12 years, said she was feeling the love from Chester's fans but was also feeling the loss.
'One week ago, I lost my soulmate and my children lost their hero - their Daddy. We had a fairytale life and now it has turned into some sick Shakespearean tragedy,' the 40-year-old model said in a statement.
'How do I move on? How do I pick up my shattered soul?
'The only answer I know is to raise our babies with every ounce of love I have left.' 
Just hours after his death last week, the body of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington was seen being wheeled away into a van from his home

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