Monday, 17 July 2017

The German passport is the world's most powerful passport

A new study created for by the Website Group, clearly shows the world's most and least powerful and most and least expensive passports.
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Emiratis pay the smallest fee in the world for a passport, at just $14 (AED 51), while in turkey it will cost you $251

A recent study also named the UAE passport as the most powerful passport in the region and in the 22nd tier of world's most powerful passports.
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The German passport will grant you access to 176 countries, visa-free

The Swedish passport is the second most powerful, it will gain you access to 175 countires visa-free.

USA, Spain, Denmark, Finland and Italy come next on the list

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Afghanistan and Pakistan are the world's weakest passports

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  1. How does this benefit me and my family?


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