Wednesday, 12 July 2017

PHOTOS: Limited-edition Bentley series now available in Dubai

A limited-edition Bentley has been released, and is now available in Dubai, and the car is an absolute beauty.
Limited-edition Bentley series is now available in Dubai
The Bentley Flying Spur Design Series by Mulliner is so limited in its availability that there are only 100 of these beasts being crafted, so if you’re seriously interested in one, move fast and get your cheque book ready – because these things will not be cheap. Plus, each car has to be commissioned by the customer, so your drive is totally bespoke.

The limited-edition drive comes in five main colour themes, all with different accents and split colouring, including mandarin, pillar box red, white, kingfisher and azure purple.

Bentley calls its Mulliner range a celebration of Britishness, and, if this car isn’t exclusive enough, it makes sure it sets itself apart from regular Bentleys by dropping a Mulliner strip light under the passenger doors for good measure.

The model is now available in Dubai, and you can register your interest at the Bentley website. But expect it to cost you a pretty penny – the standard Flying Spur costs upwards of US$200,000 (Dhs734,000) each.
Limited-edition Bentley series is now available in Dubai

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