Monday, 17 July 2017

Emirates flight attendant caught on camera pouring glass of champagne back into bottle

A video showing an Emirates flight attendant of flight from Dubai to Barcelona pouring a glass of champagne back into the bottle has caused a stir after it was posted online.
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The footage was recorded by Russian passenger Yevgeny Kaymov who unknowingly filmed the incident on a business class flight to Dubai.
He posted the video to his Instagram account, tagging the airline in his caption. Kaymov wrote: “I accidentally filmed this video, and didn’t even notice this moment at the time, pouring unfinished champagne back into the bottle. Is that normal practice Emirates?”
Many criticised the behaviour, though others stated it may be common practice for airlines to do so prior to disposal. 
However, Emirates issued a statement on the matter and said it does NOT comply with Emirates standards:
A spokesperson for Emirates said: 
"Emirates always strives to provide excellent quality service. Actions recorded on this video do not comply with our quality standards. We are currently investigating the incident.”


  1. Only God has been saving us his children!!!

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