Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Blac Chyna warns new lover, Ferrari: ''Post any of my nude photos & go to jail''

Blac Chyna has yet to file a lawsuit against Rob Kardashian, but she did have her attorney fire off a letter to her sidepiece Ferrari threatening a lawsuit if he decides to put her nudes on blast.
According to TMZ:
Powerhouse attorney Lisa Bloom sent Ferrari a letter — obtained by TMZ — warning him not to sell or post any nude pics or images he might have of her. Bloom says, “Posting online or distributing photos of Ms. White’s intimate body parts is a crime punishable by fines and jail time.”
And for good measure … she also brought up California’s revenge porn law. Remember, Ferrari already came within a nipple or so of semi-nudes … when he posted pics of himself and Chyna in bed.
This comes on the heels of BC getting a restraining order against Rob … who now says he regrets plastering BC’s nudes on social media.
Ferrari — who already bounced out of BC’s picture and returned a bunch of jewelry he bought for her — is officially on notice.

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  1. Why is she always giving her men her naked images?

    Long live TBW


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