Sunday, 13 May 2018

The 5 most expensive drugs in the United States

GoodRx, which tracks drug prices, ranked the most expensive drugs available on an outpatient basis, based on the wholesale acquisition cost that a typical patient in a typical case would typically use in a month.
That's not necessarily what you'd pay, as several steps can add expense before it gets to you, but it's an example of how expensive drugs can be.
Here are the five most expensive drugs in the United States: 

1. Actimmune: $52,321.80 for one month 2. Daraprim: $45,000 for one month 3. Cinryze: $44,140.64 for one month 4. Chenodal: $42,570 for one month 5. Myalept: $42,137.60 for one month

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