Monday, 14 May 2018

Photos: Naomi Campbell goofs on Twitter by mistaking Saudi for Sudan #JusticeForNoura

You remember when the legendary British supermodel, Naomi Campbell mistakenly called Malala  Malaria on Twitter?
Well, once again, Ms campbell sent out a tweet on Sunday, to her more than 600,000 followers, asking the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to release a Sudanese girl from being wrongfully convicted. Except the girl in question, Nora Hussein Hammad, is actually being imprisoned in Sudan by the government there for issues related to marital rape. Of course, Campbell's Twitter followers were quick to correct the diva of the mistake.
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She has since deleted her tweet but kept the previous retweet of CNN International's news about Nora Hussein Hammad- with a caption over it saying "Justice for Noura."
#JusticeForNoura is a campaign to help pardon the injustice a 19-year-old Sudanese received for being sentenced to death and found guilty of premeditated murder in Sudan.
According to CNN International, Hammad was forced into a marriage (which she hadn't agreed to), was forcibly raped while being held down by the man's family members and when he attempted to do so again- Nora stabbed him repeatedly, resulting in his death.
Currently, the legal age to get married in Sudan is ten years old while marital rape has not been accounted as illegal.

My dear TOYsters, do you think Noura should be freed?
Me think and say YES!


  1. Mummy Showkey23:35

    Olodo like aunty Naomi.

  2. Denrele Yusuf23:41

    This aunty is too fine!!!!!!!!!!


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