Sunday, 20 May 2018

Photos: REVEALED! Memes from the #RoyalWedding

As millions of people across the world fawn over the nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, several clever pranksters have created memes to highlight the royal wedding's funniest moments.
One user captured Chelsy Davy's shocked face with the caption 'When your ex shows up at your wedding'
Many compared the smiling boy to Dennis the Meance, pictured above on the right
Twitter users created memes highlighting the funniest moments of the royal wedding, poking fun at Pippa Middleton's dress which looked eerily similar to an Arizona Green Tea bottle
Who wore it better? One user said the difference between the priest's colorful robes and a can of La Croix was simply 'uncanny'
Others said: 'Don't wanna panic you all but I think Chelsy Davy might object' 
An overzealous page boy stole the show at the wedding ceremony for his toothy smile 
One user juxtaposed the little prince with the lyrics of the punk song 'Welcome to the black parade'
Others compared the Queen's lime green outfit to a movie green screen, switching her bright ensemble into the galaxy, a British flag and an image of Princess Diana herself
Others seemed to think she looked like a Minion character from Despicable Me
All eyes were on Prince George in his dark ensemble - a sign the tot was going goth 
Others compared him to the dancing shark that stole the show at a Katy Perry performance
Others compared it their reaction when leaving parties early, sticking out their tongue with glee
Others fawned over this dancing child who was 'flossing' behind a reporter near the wedding 
One user described Twitter wedding critics perfectly with this one meme of a scene from Friends
One user cracked up seeing the struggle to untangle Meghan Markle's 15ft train, saying it was designed by 'the same people who designed headphone cables'
This hilarious shot captures Meghan's pout, which one user captioned 'Me when one of my zany schemes finally pays off'
Others went crazy for Princess Charlotte as she stuck out her tongue playfully for the cameras, something Prince Harry did himself upon entering the ceremony
 The cellist's powerful facials made some Twitter users recall Jean-Ralphio of Parks and Rec
 Amal and George Clooney looked cool and collected - a little too cool, according to one Twitter user who said they looked as if they were part of a wedding heist 
Looking posh! Others made fun of Victoria Beckham's iconic serious pout, likening it to Wednesday Addams of The Addams Family
 Fashion disaster! One user noticed a wedding guest sporting the same dress Meghan's character in the LifeTime remake of her romance wore in the film 

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