Thursday, 24 May 2018

Burkina Faso cuts diplomatic ties with Taiwan

Burkina Faso has cut diplomatic ties with Taiwan, the foreign ministry said on Thursday, following intense Chinese pressure on African countries to break with what it regards as a wayward province.
Taiwan now has only one diplomatic ally left in Africa – the tiny kingdom of Swaziland - and formal relations with just 18 countries, many of them poor nations in Central America and the Pacific. The foreign ministry's statement made no direct mention of China, but said "the evolution of the world and the socio-economic challenges of our country and region push us to reconsider our position". Taiwanese and Chinese officials had no immediate comment. China is Africa's largest trade partner, with massive investments in mining, construction and banking, although it has been less active to date in Burkina.


  1. Lawunmi Sodeinde17:27

    As long as is not China...

  2. Adegoke Oluwapamilerin22:26



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