Monday, 14 May 2018

All bloggers that promote paid posts online in the UAE must get their media licences by June

Back in March the UAE's National Media Council (NMC) announced that all influencers, creators and social media stars will need to secure a media licence, under new regulations soon to be implemented at the end of June.
This applies to anyone that does not already hold a trade license and accepts paid collaborations, sponsored posts and/or brand deals in the UAE for the purpose of creating promotional content to be shared with their following. That deadline is approaching fast, as we are now less than two months away before the new laws come into effect.
According to The National, the Council said the licence would be similar to those that magazines and newspapers acquire from the authorities. The NMC has made it clear that the overall goal of the license is not to hinder creativity, but to ensure influencer earnings and standards are kept high for all parties involved in creating digital content.
Influencers that fail to comply with the new regulations may be fined up to Dh5,000/$1,370.

Social Media Influencers in the UAE must obtain licenses costing about $10,000 before they can blog paid posts.

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