Saturday, 19 May 2018

Photos: Twitterdom slams Victoria Beckham for her look at the #RoyalWedding

Victoria Beckham straight face was the talk of Twitter as she arrived at the Royal wedding with her husband David.
David and Victoria Beckham had rather different expressions as they walked into the chapel at Windsor for the Royal wedding this morning
Posh Spice, 44, failed to crack a smile as she walked passed excitable crowds outside St George's Chapel in Windsor this morning. David, 43, beamed at onlookers but his wife maintained her trademark expression. Twitter exploded with comments on the couple's contrasting reactions, with Victoria and the Beckhams trending.
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  1. Is true why is she always frowning?

  2. Fearless22:29

    Is is your frown? Abeg make una leave Vic alone....


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