Monday, 28 May 2018

Photos: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West vs Rhymefest

After Kanye West’s former collaborator and his mum, Donda’s House foundation co-founder Rhymefest issued a statement asking for continued support while putting Kanye on blast for not financing renovation plans, Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to set the record straight and defend her husband.
But first, let’s go back to what started this feud…

In 2013, Kanye West co-founded Donda’s House along with Che ‘Rhymefest’ Smith and Donnie Smith as a way to honor his mother after her passing and to give back to Chicago’s youth.

In 2015, Kanye secured the foundation’s largest donation to date — $133,000 — some of which included proceeds from Ye’s performances from the Louis Vuitton Foundation shows in Paris. 
“Kanye’s generosity is greatly appreciated and will improve our capacity with new staff as we deliver the high-quality arts programming that our participants deserve,” Executive Director Donnie Smith wrote in a press release at the time.

Rhymefest, also commented on the donation. “This is a great honor and a true tribute to his mother’s legacy, who did so much for young artists,” he said.

Kim is now attempting to clarify Kanye West’s role in the charity.

Rhymefest published a statement on behalf of Donda’s House asking those who have boycotted Kanye to not boycott the foundation — and accused Kanye of not donating to help with the demolition of his childhood home.
Kim tweets:

Rhymefest responds:
Hey @KimKardashian great to hear from you. Here’s my response
— Rhymefest (@RHYMEFEST) May 27, 2018
Donda’s House has issued a statement announcing that they’ll no longer move forward with the same: name.

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