Monday, 5 June 2017

5 nations cut diplomatic ties with Qatar: Qatar reacts

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen have broken off diplomatic ties with Qatar and closed land, sea and air access to the nation, according to official reports.
Saying that Qatar is undermining the stability of the region by supporting terrorism, authorities have also given Qataris living in and visiting their countries two weeks to leave.
Additionally, the three Gulf states have forbidden their citizens from entering Qatar.
And as in 2014 during the last GCC row, Oman and Kuwait have stayed out of the fray.
This morning, Yemen joined the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Bahrain in ending diplomatic ties.
Its official news agency Saba accused Qatar of of working with its enemies in the Iran-aligned Houthi movement, Reuters reported.
“Qatar’s practices of dealing with the (Houthi) coup militias and supporting extremist groups became clear,” the Yemen government said.


Qatar responded, voicing its “regret and utter surprise” at the move by UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to close borders and criticized what it said are “unjustified measures based on unfounded allegations” against the state.
In an official statement in Arabic, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mofa) hit out at what it called a media “smear campaign involving fabrications and provocations against it (Qatar) which shows premeditated intentions to cause harm to the country.”
Including Egypt in the situation, it went on:
“Manufacturing pretexts to take action against Qatar is clear evidence that there are no legitimate reasons for such actions that were carried out in coordination with Egypt.
The goal is evidently to control Qatar which is in itself a violation of its sovereignty, and this is categorically unacceptable.”
Mofa sought to reassure residents in Qatar, saying that the recent measures would not affect the normal course of life for citizens and residents of the state.

‘Security and stability’

Qataris will also not be allowed to transit through the four nations, according to a statement from Bahrain News Agency about the unprecedented move.
It added:
“While the Kingdom of Bahrain regrets this decision taken to protect its security and maintain its stability, it affirms its keenness on the brotherly people of Qatar who are aware of its suffering as they witness with each act of terror the fall of casualties among their brothers and sisters in Bahrain because their government continues to support terrorism at all levels and to bring down the legitimate regime in Bahrain.”
The statement, issued just before 6am today, gives 24 hours to enforce the closure of its borders to Qatar. Qatari diplomats have also been given 48 hours to leave Manama.
“The Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain is banning its citizens from traveling to Qatar or staying there. It regrets that Qatari citizens are not allowed to enter or transit through Bahrain,” it added.
For its part, Saudi Arabia has removed Qatar from the Yemeni coalition.
It also closed all of its borders “and urged all brotherly countries and companies to do the same,” the Saudi Press Agency said.
Its Al Ahli FC has taken that advice to heart, announcing on Twitter that it would be breaking its sponsorship deal with Qatar Airways.

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