Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Another world first for Dubai’s Robo-friendly police force: Dubai Police to deploy self-driving cars!

Dubai Police will be deploying a self-driving patrol, with the force confirming Dubai will be the first city in the world to operate an autonomous fleet.
Dubai Police to deploy self-driving cars
It is no secret that Dubai Police is turning towards robotics within its ranks, as it targets some 25 percent of its personnel to be robotic by 2030. It even rolled out the city’s first robocop earlier this month, as progress begins to materialise.
That’s not to say that a giant robot will be hunting down those who break the law – it’s more likely that administrative, clerical and customer service functions will be increasingly performed by robot. 
Dubai Police’s idea of the self-driving car, code-named O-R3, is to head into specific areas to collect data and information using cameras and sensors. The car will be capable of detecting suspicious objects, follow suspects and launch aerial drones if it is unable to reach certain areas.
We can’t wait to catch the first glimpse of the self-driving car hitting the streets.
The RTA has also announced that self-flying aerial taxis will be trialled in the Dubai skies this year, so there is a precedent for autonomous vehicles already. 

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