Saturday, 24 June 2017

Dubai's Municipality explains why the #DubaiMarina waters turned orange

On Thursday, the Dubai Marina turned a weird looking, murky shade of orange and concerned residents took to Twitter as they wondered what was going on.
Questions and concerns can be put to rest now however after the municipality released a statement describing the discolouration as harmless construction material.
According to the statement, the 'orange colour that appeared today in the man-made water canal in Dubai Marina is due to excavation works related to a construction project at Qarn Al Sabkha, which links the rainwater drainage system to the canal.'
Bentonite, a chemical composed of aluminium phyllosilicate and water was found in samples taken by analysts who noted that the discolouration poses no threat to human life.
The statement also noted that colour has now completely disappeared.
A spokesperson from Dubai's Municipality said they had not yet officially identified the cause and a team of officials had been sent to inspect the site for a conclusive reason. 
Resident Shereen Hafidh told The National: 'I woke up this morning and can still see the discolouration of the water, there was no smell, however, by late afternoon it seems to clear up.' 

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