Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Qatari-owned beIN Sports channels & website taken off air in UAE

beIN Sports channels have allegedly been taken off air in the UAE.
beIN Sports channels and website taken off air in UAE
Following yesterday’s announcement from the country’s top airlines that all flights to Doha are indefinitely suspended, it has been reported that Etisalat and du have taken Qatari-owned sport service beIN off the airwaves.
Nothing has been officially confirmed by either of the telecoms giants so far, but a number of customers for both Etisalat and du have taken to social media to report the outage occurring across the entire selection of beIN Sports network channels. Feeds to Al Jazeera News were also reported to have been cut off by UAE television providers.
It is not clear, at this stage, how long the apparent embargo will last – and whether the Scotland v England game on Saturday June 10 will make it onto UAE TVs…
Users are supposedly being faced with a message stating the channels are currently unavailable, while has also been restricted. 

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UAE, Bahrain & Saudi close airspace to Qatar Airways.

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