Saturday, 17 June 2017

Video: Olympic long jumper Blessing Okagbare’s wig falls off & lands in the sand at Oslo Diamond League meet

What a hairy moment! Very unbe-weave-able!!! 😱😅
Blessing Okagbare, a 28-year-old runner from Nigeria, might want to consider a more secure hairstyle for future competitions.
During a track and field meet in Oslo on Thursday, her wig took a tumble as she attempted the long jump.
She placed seventh, but that wig placed first in its category!
Check out the slightly-embarrassing moment below.
Blessing Okabare is an Olympic medal winning long jump athlete and was one of the favourites for the event
Blessing Okagbare sprints down the track ready for take-off in the long jump
And as she plunges into the sand, all seems like it has gone according to plan
But the unfortunate moment happened when Okagbare's hairpiece fell off into the sand
The Nigerian long jumper was given a white flag for the effort - but it was well short of her usual distances
Blessing Okagbare then looks up to the screen to check the distance, before going into the pit to retrieve the wig


  1. Anonymous16:54

    Lady T...U so wrong for this ooh.

  2. Blessing, borrow yourself some brain ma!
    Why wear a wig to run and jump?

  3. Disgrace.


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