Monday, 12 June 2017

Photos: Twitter War! Amber Rose vs Piers Morgan

A couple of days ago, Amber Rose shared online a photo of her private part.
We all know Piers always weighs in when the Kardashians or any woman displays nudity on social media.
Well, Piers took offense at Amber’s big black bush.
When Amber tweeted a photo of herself nude from the waist down, Piers responded, “Put it away, luv. Thanks.”
Amber’s response? “#I’llTakeThingsMisogynisticAssholesSayFor500.” 
And then the 'fight' started!!!

Amber Rose and Piers Morgan are in an almighty row on Twitter over feminism


  1. Shut up Mr Piers, you want that fine black kitty!

  2. rose is a slut.


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