Friday, 16 June 2017

PHOTOS: New mosque opens on Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway today

The Awqaf on Thursday opened Ali Al Belushi Mosque on the Abu Dhabi - Dubai highway.
The new mosque is considered as one of the distinctive cultural landmarks on the highway between Dubai and the capital Abu Dhabi. It is located in the old Al Samha West area. The mosque can accommodate around 2,000 worshipers in addition to all other primary attachments, such as musalla for women, other facilities, and accommodation for imam and muezzen.
The mosque features modern architecture in terms of its pyramidal ceiling that rises upwards to end with a magnificent dome. On its sides stand two minarets. Meanwhile, the interior of the mosque preserves the basic elements in mosque construction, including the Mihrab (niche), the pulpit and the prayer hall.


  1. Nice edifice!

  2. Wauw!!!!
    But which mosque in Abu Dhabi Nigerian bloggers are saying was named 'Mother Mary'?


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