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Photos: Heartbreaking story of Amare Stover, an 8 y.o boy with tumor being bullied by everyone

It takes a special kind of bravery to face the myriad of issues someone like little Amare Stover must deal with every day.
Photo published for Cruel taunts crush little boy battling facial tumours
The boy was born with neurofibromatosis type one (NF1), and the result is anything but normal. The main symptom of this condition is the growth of massive tumors, mostly around the face, neck, and head. So startling is the effect that bullies have targeted the child, calling him horrible names and refer to him as a “monster.”
And that’s the least of the boy’s worries. He cannot breathe on his own, so he required a permanent tracheotomy tube. The growths behind his eyes are so massive that they will cost him his sight unless he has surgery…and even then, the doctors aren’t quite sure how much help it will be. There are other health and learning disabilities as well, all of which make Amare’s life difficult.
Now add in the hazing and hate and this boy is having a very hard time of it. His mother tries to provide as much strength as she can. She has a hard time holding a job since Amare requires constant care. He also needs a buffer between him and the cruel comments that seem to follow his every move. Adults are even mean, asking the boy where he “got his mask” and ridiculing the size of his head.
She tries to stress to him that he is just like other eight-year-olds and to ignore those individuals who can’t treat him with respect. For her, his desire to play and his enjoyment of sports makes him an normal kid. 
It’s the rest of the world who has the problem.

When he was born, Amare's left eye was a little swollen
Later this month, Amare will consult with plastic surgeons to see if they can remove some of the tumorous mass around his eyes in a bid to save his sight

Amare Stover was born with neurofibromatosis type one - a genetic disorder that causes tumours to develop all over his body

In addition to twisting and distorting his face, he has severe learning difficulties and his swellings have left him blind in one eye
 Amare Stover & his mom

Anyone wanting to donate to their cause can do so here. 

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