Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Photos: Could wearing a Barcelona jersey with Qatar Airways logo incur imprisonment or fine in the UAE?

Rumours have been swirling in the international news and online that wearing a Barcelona jersey - which sports the Qatar Airways logo - in the UAE could incur imprisonment and a fine.

Screen Shot 2017 06 12 At 2 24 55 Pm 
The rumours cite the imprisonment and fines that relate to the posting of sympathetic posts via social media. 
However at no point has any ban been placed on the donning of logos
The misunderstanding has come during the UAE's statements that empathizing with Qatar on social media are punishable under the the cybercrimes legislation within the emirates
The UAE reiterated its cyber laws, outlining the fact that criticizing UAE Rulers and government matters are punishable by law - which is not new information to residents. 
However it appears the reiteration of UAE law has been misconstrued by some websites as the prohibition of sporting the Barcelona jersey. 


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