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Why Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo is wallowing in prison

Controversial Nigerian journalist, Kemi Omololu Olunloyo aka KOO has found herself in murky waters after she accused a popular man of God of sleeping with a Nollywood actress.

The Many Sins of Kemi Olunloyo and Why She's Languishing in Prison
Nigerian journalist Kemi Olunloyo, who went about like a rabid dog attacking and heaping countless accusations on some celebrities and politicians all in a faint bid to attract cheap popularity and trend on social media has finally been tamed, so to say.
Olunloyo is notorious for having an awkward thirst of accusing and riding on Nigerian celebrities and important personalities she believes would generate traffic for her site, inundating the public with wishy-washy tales on how they slept around for money, are involved in witchcraft, occultism and what have you.
She made it a point of duty to drag out one celebrity each week without any substantiated report, maligning, insulting and speaking evil about the person without regard to what damage she's doing to the person's reputation.
It was a shameful mud sliding that took her nowhere, well at least we can easily say it took her to prison.
 Any who tried to caution her became her target with all sorts of expletive hurled at the individual by the infamous 'Snitch Lady'.
Like a mad woman, she refused to heed caution.

To make matters worse, Kemi has never provided a grain of evidence to backup her allegations. She has consistently relied on gossips, hearsay and beer parlour arguments for her 'childish' brand of journalism.
 Yet, she goes about with all sorts of approbation tagged to her name.
 Her uncanny tactics of publicly chickening out of these controversies after it had gathered momentum only to secretly beg her accusers whose ego and brand have already been maligned is a clear pointer to her cowardly living.
In her familiar moronic nature, Kemi had on the 31st of December 2016 dragged her father's name around calling him a killer and ritualist.
 She didn't stop there; she also called him a moron and 'a certified idiotic agbaya'. 

In a bombastic reply to her daughter's online banter and shocking revelations, Victor Omololu Olunloyo (Kemi's father) who is a former Governor of Oyo state took her daughter to the cleaners by revealing that she is mentally unstable.
He went further to disown Kemi stating that at her age (53 years), he thought she would have bought herself some 'real sense.'
It is believed that Kemi's hatred for her father dates back many years ago. 

According to a member of Kemi's family, Tokunbo Aboderin, her erratic and foolish behaviour could be traced to the ugly events of her past.
Aboderin had alleged that Kemi was raped and impregnated by her own father which many have stated might be the cause of the friction between the two. Howbeit, Kemi's father has vehemently denied the allegation.
Kemi's disgraceful behaviour did not start today. On numerous occasions in the past, she had boasted of shooting her fiancé in the head without getting arrested.
 She accused him of being abusive and violent. According to Kemi, she picked up the gun and shot at him.
The bullet grazed his forehead leaving him with a visible mark.
She said he was subsequently arrested afterwards. But, that might be a twisted story as she's fond of tailoring details to suit her own needs.
According to an investigation carried out by The Toronto Star, Kemi is wanted in the United States for intimidating a Judge.
 She is also wanted in the state of Georgia, where there are at least six outstanding warrants for her arrest.
She was accused of pushing her son who is autistic out of the car. She was later arrested and charged by the police for child cruelty over the incident before she fled to Canada with the cases against her unresolved.

In Canada, Kemi fruitlessly sought for asylum which was denied her after she had ran away from the United States, evading the charges against her.
As it stands, Kemi currently has five warrants on her head for failing to appear in court on charges including cruelty to children, simple battery, terroristic threats/intimidation of a juror or court officer, obstruction of an officer, and bail jumping.‎‎
This means that if Kemi enters the US, she will be arrested.
In August 2012, Kemi was deported to Nigeria from Canada and has since constituted herself a nuisance on social media making unconfirmed claims against celebrities, men of God, politicians and anyone she feels would generate traffic for her screwy blog and social media pages.

To the present reality.

2017 started on a bad note for Kemi after she published a defaming letter about a popular Port-Harcourt-based man of God. Since her arrest in early March, she has been languishing in a Nigerian prison for more than two weeks now.
Many people (social media users, influencers and journalists) seem less concerned over her predicament, especially knowing that if it had been another of their own, thousands would have risen to defend such an individual.
 Kemi made more enemies than friends with her spurious writings.
She bit off more than she could chew after raising a hefty allegation against Pastor David Ibiyeomie, a popular Port Harcourt based man of God.
 In March 2017, Kemi had gone on social media dishing out juicy tales of how Pastor David Ibiyeomie was sleeping with Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo.
 She didn't stop there, Kemi further alleged that Pastor David used the church money to fund the actress' extravagant lifestyle.

Here is the defaming letter published by Kemi against the man of God: 

‎“Good morning Madam KOO. My name is Ebiye Patience and I’m a dedicated member of Salvation Ministries, Port Harcourt.
Our Pastor, David Ibiyiomie is shamelessly frolicking with Yoruba prostitute Iyabo Ojo. All these prostitutes in the name of actresses.
“We learnt that he has been spending the church’s money on this girl and some other Nollywood actresses to the point that Iyabo and Vivian Metchie had a nasty fight on him after catching her in bed with a boy she picked from the club.
“She has used juju on our pastor. The range rover 2008 model she uses now used to be in our pastor garage before he dashed her.
The Toyota corolla she claimed she bought her PA last year is one of the cars that her former minister ex boyfriend dumped her after church gave its members for Christmas.
“This story was almost out last year but she paid off the press with cash and her body. She is a grade one harlot who picks little boys on the street to sleep with.
Our pastor is gradually destroying Gods name as he is now a sugar daddy to Iyabo Ojo.
“Even though she paid press, I know madam KOO is one who can’t be bought by money and will do investigation and let the world know the truth. @IyaboOjofespris and @DayoAmusa visit all herbalists everywhere.
Our pastor is even building a house for this girl as I speak." 

Kemi posted the defaming letter allegedly sent to her by a concerned member of the church on her page.‎
10 celebrities and politicians Kemi Olunloyo accused and insulted without any evidence to prove her allegations.
People were left in shock when on the 1st of April, Kemi granted an interview to PulseTv where she accused Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God of being a murderer.
 Many had thought it was yet another April Fool joke only to be shocked by Kemi's narration how Adeboye in 1971 murdered a police officer thinking he was a robber.
But, she never brought any proof to backup the allegation.
Not done, she took her attack against some other popular men of God further by saying that Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel is a horrible child molester.
 Her uncouth mouth did not spare Prophet TB Joshua whom she accused of murdering South Africans who died in his church following the collapse of the church auditorium in 2014.
After her attacks on the men of God were disregarded, Kemi beamed her searchlight on some successful entertainers in Nigeria.

 In May 2016, Kemi accused Nigerian rap king, Olamide of using black magic to drive his musical success. She didn't provide any evidence to backup her claim.
 The Yahoo Boy No Laptop (YBNL) founder, Olamide refused to play into her hands and ignored her unfounded allegation.
On the 6th of March 2017, Kemi broke the Internet as she made frantic efforts to drag former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo into a messy controversy by asserting that he is a ritualist and murderer.
She narrated how Obasanjo took Omololu (Kemi's father) to a herbalist for charms.
She further revealed that Obasanjo killed Oyeleke (Kemi's brother) with charms which he dropped outside their door in 1999.

Also, while everybody was mourning the loss of Jide Kosoko's wife in June 2016. Kemi came on social media to narrate how the veteran actor had used his third wife for rituals.
The incident left an already traumatized Kosoko in shock as he was forced to deny the hefty allegation. Kemi's father later apologized to the actor over his daughter's feckless behaviour.

There are just too many of these examples to mention.

 She had accused actress Georgina Onuoha of receiving $10 million from Governor of Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State from the bail out funds. Angered by the unverified claims, Onuoha threatened to beat up Kemi and lock her up.
She had also accused actress Angela Okorie of selling her body to politicians for money. Kemi had alleged that Okorie slept with exiled former Gambia leader, Yahya Jammeh who dashed her millions of dollars. The allegations turned out to be another wild goose chase.
Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, Linda Ikeji, Dayo Amusa, Cossy Orjiakor to mention but a few have all been accused by Kemi which turned out to be false and were made to get her undue attention.
These individuals mentioned refused to allow themselves to be dragged into any controversy with the 'mad woman'. Some out of respect for her father and knowing that she has a mental condition, ignored her.
But, someone had to warn and show her that there is a limit to every action.
 The decision of Pastor Ibiyeomie to file charges against Kemi for ridiculing his name through false news reports will not only tame her excesses but will serve as a reminder to her childish brain to stick to the ethics of journalism - to be fair, credible and truthful all times.
By the time she comes out, her mind will have been conditioned in manner to report, investigate and present facts not hearsay.
 When she comes out from this temporary incarceration, Kemi would have learnt the hard way that any further defamation as was her lot in the past would land her in serious trouble.
Let this case open her eyes to the new realities of life.
Kemi is still wallowing in prison. She had been arrested alongside Samuel Watson over the publication in which Pastor Ibiyeomie was accused of sleeping with Iyabo Ojo.

 The cybercrime charge against Kemi and Watson was dropped as the ‎court does not have jurisdiction to try the matter.
 But they are facing one-count charge of publishing defamatory content before the Magistrate court.
 The two were given bail in the sum of, N200,000 and two civil servants who reside in Port-Harcourt as sureties. Watson met his conditions and has since been released.
But, Kemi has been languishing in prison as she faces another one-count charge brought against her for publication of defamatory content before the Federal High Court in Port-Harcourt. She is likely to be granted bail this week.
It is the wish of many Nigerians that whoever knows Kemi should after her release from prison, call her closer and drum the music of wisdom into her ears to chew the leaf of caution; for someone her age should be a shining example to the young ones instead of becoming a public nuisance and disgraceful figure.
As a pharmacist, she should prescribe the right medication for her ailing soul and swallow it before it is too late.
If she decides to pay no heed to the advice of her elders, then, Nigerians wouldn't care whatever happens to her again. 

When the siren blows, we will all come to eat rice at her house.

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