Saturday, 8 April 2017

Photos: Filipino beauty queen, Mary Christine Balagtas, 23, shot dead #JusticeForTin

A Filipino beauty queen has been shot dead moments after opening the front door to 'hitmen' who gave her flowers and chocolates.
They are believed to have come to her door bearing flowers and chocolates before shooting her 

Mary Christine Balagtas, 23, opened her front door to the two men at her home in Bulacan, the Philippines, on Wednesday morning.
They let off a single bullet into the student's head then fled on a waiting motorbike, according to police investigating the murder.
Mary Christine Balagtas has died after being shot in the head by two hitmen at her home in Bulacan, the Philippines
Her friends have started a hashtag on social media, called #JusticeFortTin, in memory of her

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