Sunday, 23 April 2017

American Airlines suspends employee after altercation with passenger

Just weeks after United Airlines’s reputation went up in flames, An American Airlines attendant was suspended Friday night after an altercation with a passenger caught on film went viral.
Adyanthaya posted a photo on his Facebook page showing the woman with two young children in her arms
The incident leading to the argument was not caught on video but allegedly a baby aboard the American Airlines flight going from Dallas to San Francisco was almost struck with a stroller by a member of the flight crew. 
Although the alleged attack was not filmed the aftermath was caught on camera by another passenger and posted to social media.
It did not take very long for American Airlines to see the video and act accordingly.
The flight attendant has since been suspended according to the statement released. As for the mother, the airline took care of her and her family accordingly with a first class flight to Dallas.
Oh the joys of air travel during 2017!!!
The male passenger who intervened confronts the uniformed employee. 'You do that to me and I'll knock you flat,' the man says. That's when the employee retorts: 'Try it. Hit me'

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  1. Swift good action by the employer unlike the United Airlines!!!!!


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