Monday, 24 April 2017

Nude PHOTOS of lady with #Psquare Peter Okoye in a hotel room emerge

Naked pics of Facebook starlet Jessica Nwachukwa have just surfaced.
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Jessica yesterday took to Facebook to share photos and video of her eating 'suya' with Peter Okoye of Psquare who was in Imo State with his team for the GLO Mega Music Nationwide Tour.
If you missed my previous post on that, click HERE.
I wanna believe that Peter's meeting with Jessica was purely an innocent and that they might even be related!
What do you guys think?
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  1. You are right. There's no big deal here but those copy and paste bloggers in Nigeria will always write rubbish.
    If there was something to hide, Peter will ask her to remove the video and photographs or will not even appear in it in the first place.


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