Sunday, 21 December 2014

Photos: The tragic children stabbed to death in their #Cairns family home

I am still wondering what could have come over this mum to have killed her 8 children?!
Time will tell.....really very pathetic!!!
Distraught family members of the eight children massacred in a Cairns home in north Queensland have visited the makeshift memorial to honour them as the woman allegedly responsible their deaths was charged with murder.
A group of about 40 people - made up of the elderly, parents, young children and babies - were seen walking up the road, and were heard screaming and crying in distress and anguish.
Some relatives were so overcome with emotion that they needed to be carried to the site.
They clutched flowers as they stumbled down the street to add to the growing pile - a symbol of the immense grief in the community for the lost lives of the little children.
The mother of seven of the eight children was charged with eight counts of murder on Sunday in a bedside hearing, two days after they were found stabbed to death in a Manoora home on Murray Street.
Malili (standing left) and Daniel (standing right), along with (sitting, from left) Rayden, Petronella, Rodney and (far right) Azariah were allegedly killed by their mother. A cousin (second from right) is not a victim

The eighth victim is Warria's niece Angelina Thaiday
He had to be carried away by family members back to the family home to be consoled
Family came to lay flowers at the memorial which they visited on Sunday morning
It was a heartbreaking scene as family members - including the children's maternal grandmother (above) - made their way up to a tree where tributes had been left for the young vicitms
Maternal grandma in the midd.
Family members sat and sobbed as they grieved the death of their beloved children
The father of the youngest four children was carried to add flowers to the tribute, collapsing on the floor and beating the ground at the foot of the willow tree
One father was frail and unable to hold his own body up as he screamed his children's name into the sky in a hoarse voice
Father of the last 4 children in white.
He sat in a seat - his limbs limp - as he outwardly sobbed while members of the family wiped his forehead with a clothOne of the fathers of the children were inconsolable as he was carried by several men to the memorial site

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