Tuesday, 23 December 2014

News: Just Friends? Amber Rose & Nick Cannon attend the People Magazine Awards together

So this is just on a 'plus one' level with no strings attached?
Hokay na!!!
Amber Rose and Nick Cannon are making it harder for people to believe the two are just friends.
Cannon’s hustle doesn’t stop. His separation from Mariah Carey hasn’t kept him in the house moping over love lost. Last week, he hosted the People Magazine Awards for the first time ever.
The comedian didn't decide on who he'd take as his date until a few hours prior to the show. According to Amber's red carpet interview with People, Cannon called her two hours before the show and invited her.
“I think he's gonna do great. That's my manager, I love him,” she told People magazine. “He's one of my best friends, so I'm excited to see how he does.”
After gloating how much she loves one of her best friends, she revealed she chose the first dress she picked out.
“Nick called me like two hours ago and told me, so I stopped at Neiman's. Literally this is the first dress I picked out, and it worked,” she said.
Both Amber and Cannon are in the middle of divorces from their partners. Considering the ongoing rumors about the two having more than a manager/client relationship, does Rose showing up as his date fuel the rumors?
We just ask the questions, folks!

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