Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Photos: Sheikh Mohammed & Sheikh Hamdan launch the Dubai 2021 Plan

To launch the new Dubai 2021 Plan a conference and presentation was held last night at The Beach, JBR and was live-streamed via the official Dubai 2021 Plan website.
His Highness Sheikh Mohammed launches Dubai 2021 Plan
"Rapid regional and global changes compel us to double our efforts to protect our achievements and enhance our opportunities to reach new ones; this approach constitutes a strategic objective that serves the best interest, both individually and collectively," Sheikh Mohammed said of the new strategy, adding: "This is a clear and detailed roadmap, and the success depends on our commitment and our ability to cope with the changes efficiently."


The Dubai 2021 Plan starts with people – with HH Sheikh Mohammed sharing his wishes that, come 2021, the city is filled with creative, happy and empowered people, and that Dubai is the best place to live work and visit. A smart and sustainable city will be the hub of the global economy run by a pioneering and excellent government, according to the plan.
The new strategy encompasses six themes: A city of happy, creative and empowered people; an inclusive and cohesive society; the preferred place to live, work and visit; a smart and sustainable city; a pivotal hub in the global economy and a pioneering and excellent government.
The December 17 presentation featured an inspiring, high-tech light installation and video presentation, with Sheikh Hamdan sat front row. A drone was launched into the sky, high over the event attendees and Dubai's citizens and residents talked about what they loved about the city via a video live-stream. 
Sheikh Mohammed's son, Sheikh Hamdan – Dubai's Crown Prince – was instrumental in the formation of the Dubai 2021 Plan, which took one year to prepare, and was led by the young Sheikh, who gave directives to the General Secretariat of the Executive Council earlier this year.
"Dubai 2021 is a city that puts people first. Dubai Plan 2021 is the highest priority for Government of Dubai for the next seven years. It represents a roadmap documenting the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum for Dubai's future and an interpretation for the community's hopes and aspirations for a promising future."
Sheikh Mohammed and Sheikh Hamdan launch the Dubai 2021 Plan
His Highness Sheikh Mohammed launches Dubai 2021 Plan


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