Friday, 19 December 2014

My Sweet Photos: Guess who & who are in Dubai?

Right about now, I am the happiest person in the world!
Forget money, family is the ish!! Okay, I exaggerated there, don't forget money but family matters!!
This morning, my sister, Sho and I went to pick my beautiful niece, Lum and her mom (my other sister, Babo) at the airport and at the moment I am over the moon!
I have not set eyes on these people since I left the shores of Nigeria as we have been missing one another: The couple of times they came here on vacation, I was out of the UAE as well and here we are colliding for the very first time in almost 3 years!!
My baby Lum is now a chica!
Now Sho has a full house as we are all in hers before we go on our mini vacation.
Pardon me Babo and Sho, I know  you are not down with your children's pics on blogs but who will have these as nephew and nieces and won't wanna flaunt them?
Christmas is looking good, grateful to Jah!
*Singing* We are family, I got 2 of my sisters with me.....
Merry Xmas to me, mine, you and yours!!!
TBW. xx
Sho, Lum, Toy et Babo!!! 

Greater tomorrow!!! #Blessed 


  1. fhummie16:08

    Happy for u jare...
    Enjoy ur holiday!

  2. Chai .. SEE MY PEOPLE O... DIARIS IS GOD OOooooooo !!!

    1. Tehehehe.....diariz GoddooooOoo......xoxo


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