Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Video: Usain Bolt digs his friend, Germaine Mason's grave in Portland

Usain Bolt has been filmed in Portland, Jamaica digging the grave of his recently-deceased friend, Team GB Olympic silver medallist, Germaine Mason.
Bolt  was reportedly among those at the scene after Mason died in Jamaica
In the video, 100 metre and 200m world record-holder Bolt, 30, can be seen helping to lay Mason to rest, with the British high-jumper set to be buried on May 21.
Mason, who won the silver medal at the Beijing Olympics, died in a motorcycle accident in Jamaica on April 20.

Usain Bolt has been filmed in Portland digging the grave of deceased friend Germaine MasonBolt shovels mud into a wheelbarrow

Bolt posted a tribute to his friend on Instagram shortly after the tragic accident

Mason celebrates after earning his silver medal in Beijing, at the 2008 Olympic Games

RIP Germaine!


  1. Too young to die but God knows best. Rest in peace hommie!!!!!!


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