Sunday, 28 May 2017

Photos: #ISIS claims responsibility of the attack which killed 29 Coptic Christians in Egypt

The Islamic State group on Saturday claimed responsibility for shooting dead 29 Christians on a bus in central Egypt.
Photo published for ISIS says it carried out attack which killed 29 Coptic Christians
The ATTACK prompted retaliatory air strikes on jihadists in neighbouring Libya, where ISIS is believe to have trained its fighters.
Despite losing territory in recent months the terrorist group has maintained a network of terrorist cells in the country.
Coptic Christians were travelling on a bus to a monastery 120 miles south of Cairo.
The jihadist group's Amaq news agency claimed in a statement that its fighters 'set up a checkpoint' for the Christians as they headed to the monastery, shooting at them and setting one of their vehicles on fire.
The strikes come after an attack on Coptic Christians on Friday, which killed 29 
The Egyptian security forces have been alarmed at ISIS fighters slipping over the border from Libya  
The Egyptian Air Force claims the air strikes inflicted 'heavy casualties' to ISIS fighters 


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