Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Hospital compensates a man in Dubai who lost his testicles after a surgery

A man has been awarded AED900,000/ $246,575 in compensation after a surgery at a hospital caused him to lose his testicles. 
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The man went into the hospital for a hernia operation in his testes, but after experiencing traumatic pain following the event, was required to have his testicles removed. 
According to a report on the Khaleej Times, the man went under general anesthesia for the surgery at the hospital, but in the following days experienced large amounts of pains in the region. He visited a different hospital where an ultrasound found his testicle was atrophied and pale
And a court statement found the man's sexual performance was also affected by the surgery.
Doctors at the second hospital decided to remove his testicles. 
The man originally requested AED5 million in damages, citing permanent disability.
The court awarded the man AED900,000 due to medical negligence.


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