Friday, 5 May 2017

First Look: Obama's plans for the Presidential Center he plans to build with Michelle in Chicago

Barack Obama revealed the first glimpse of the presidential center he plans to build with Michelle in the hope that it will become a hub for future leaders.
Michelle was also present for the announcement at the South Shore Cultural Center in Chicago on Wednesday 
The Obama Presidential Center will be constructed in Chicago's Jackson Park and is due to be completed by 2021. 
The former president  and first lady unveiled the first plans for it on Wednesday at a community forum where he told of his hopes the center will be used to train the next generation of leaders.
The Center will comprise of three buildings and will include a museum, library, auditorium, restaurants and tree-lined walkways. 
The museum will house memorable items from the couple's time as president and first lady. On Tuesday, Obama joked: 'Let's face it, we want to see Michelle's dresses.' 
The project will cover more than 200,000 sq ft of space and is likely to cost hundreds of millions of dollars. 
The center will have three buildings - a museum, forum and library - which will house exhibitions, documents, restaurants and other work spaces 
Barack Obama unveiled the first plans for his presidential center at a community forum in Chicago on Wednesday 
The first artist renderings for the site were uploaded to The Obama Foundation's website 
Construction at the site will begin later this year. The former president hopes that it will be completed by 2021 
The president tweeted excitedly about the project after unveiling the first plans at the community forum 
The couple received a warm welcome from Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel before they took their seats 

Now THIS is what you call a legacy!!!!!!


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