Monday, 29 May 2017

Photos: #ISIS murders 19 civilians including a woman & a child in the Philippines

ISIS-linked terrorists have murdered 19 civilians in the Philippines including a woman and a child.
Residents in Marawi City have raised white flags in an effort to protect themselves from fighting between the Filipino army and a Muslim terror group linked to ISIS 
 This week 85 people have died in street-to-street battles between the Philippine army and terrorists in the southern third of the country. 
Officials said the 19 civilians were murdered by the terror group in the mostly Muslim city of Marawi, which has a 200,000 population.
Police found the murdered people who where thrown off a bridge on the island of Mindanao
Filipino authorities have threaten to use surgical airstrikes to take out ISIS terrorists 
Approximately 2,000 people have been trapped in their homes by the teorrirists 


  1. God rid these ISIS militants off this earth please

  2. Fire burn you all ISIS agents.

  3. Vivian04:23

    I love your blogs mama tee!!


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