Thursday, 11 May 2017

Photos: UAE to build the first CITY on Mars by 2117

The UAE turned the heads of space exploration fans everywhere earlier this year when it announced its plans to build a mini-city on Mars in the next century.
In February the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced its plans to set up Mars' first mini city by 2117. This computer generated concept image shows released by the Dubai Media Office shows what the colony could look like
Officials have since released few details on the project, which is part of its 100-year national programme to better understand the red planet.
But yesterday a key figurehead of the ambitious plans said that the UAE is prepared to join the 'new space race' and that young Arab people will lead the mission.
More missions have been attempted to Mars than any other planet on the Solar System except the moon. This concept image shows what the UAE's Mars mini-city could look like
This computer generated image shows the pod that will enclose the city. The US is the only nation so far to land and operate an unmanned craft on Mars long-term
Pictured is a layout of what the city could look like. Getting to Mars is a tough job, even for countries with veteran space agencies. The international success rate in Mars missions since the 1960s is less than 50 per cent
This is a computer generated image of what the interior of the UAE's Martian buildings might look like. Since 1965, four entities have successfully made it to Mars: Nasa, the Soviet Union, the European Space Agency and the Indian Space Research Organization

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