Sunday, 28 May 2017

PHOTOS That Best Sum Up Dubai's #Summer.......Seriously

Here are 10 best memes that truly sum up what life is like during summer here in Dubai.

Dubai close to sun

1. When the ice cream truck is melting, too...


2. When the steering wheel should be approached with caution...

Hot steering wheel

3. When your perfectly blow-dried hair goes

Humidity hair

4. We're convinced this is where Dubai really exists

Dubai close to sun

5. It's not something to celebrate


6. Let's bake something! It's hot outside!

Baking outside

7. The difference between tourists and residents

Tourists and residents

8. Fun in the bathroom... Ouch!

Hot water in summer

9. The struggle is real

Air conditioning

10. It's ALWAYS hot water!

Hot shower water


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