Sunday, 21 May 2017

Video: President Trump curtsies for Saudi King Salman after blasting Obama for doing same

It may not really have been a big deal if Donald Trump curtsied for Saudi King Salman but because Trump is always slamming and criticizing the Obamas, it's a BIG deal!
Yes, Donald once criticized Barack Obama for bowing to the country’s leader.
While accepting Saudi Arabia’s highest civilian honor on Saturday, President Donald Trump showed the true might of the U.S. by curtsying for King Salman.Conservatives, including Trump, were quick to slam former President Barack Obama in 2012 when it appeared he bowed to then-Saudi leader King Abdullah at a G-20 summit. Obama and former President George W. Bush have both received the medal Trump accepted Saturday.

(Thank God the internet never forgets)!!!


  1. Trump and his mumu moves!

  2. Trump and his mumu moves!

  3. Anonymous01:39

    Donald is a moron.


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