Thursday, 18 December 2014

Photos: Kim Kardashian fan Jordan James Parke spent $150,000 to look like her!!!

Ha but these surgeons can know how to be wicked sha! How could they have done this to any living soul?
Dude or 'dudelet' as the case may be, be looking like Daffy the duck! Hian!!
Over-the-top pout: The make-up artist says he's happy with his over-the-top appearance 
She graces several magazine covers a month, has her own reality show clothing and make-up brand, and has millions in the bank, so it's no surprise that 23-year-old Jordan James Parke wants to be just like Kim Kardashian.
But the British make-up artist has gone to extreme lengths to replicate Kim's unique pouty image, splashing out a whopping $150,000 on cosmetic procedures to look like the star.
So in his mind now, he looks like Kim? Even Kim will sob all the way home when she sees these!!!
James Jordan (Instagram)
Lavish garments: Jordan often decks himself out in couture accessories and shared this snap of himself wearing raccoon fur on the way to LA a week agoCosmetics: Jordan posted this photo three weeks ago to show how he contoured his cheeks with make-up - a la Kim K style of course
A different look: Jordan Peake is a 23-year-old man showed off his pouty lips and heavy eyebrows after splashing out $150,000 to look like Kim As a youngster: Jordan, pictured as a child,  years before the cosmetic procedures 
Plastic, fantastic: Jordan  has spent $150,000 to look like his idol Kim KardashianPlastic, fantastic: Jordan  has spent $150,000 to look like his idol Kim Kardashian
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  1. fhummie18:11

    Ha... diz guy is disturbed oh..
    How naa... whats the resemblance plz. .
    Oh God... end time sign tinz!

  2. Chai.. Diaris is God Ooooooo !


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