Monday, 5 January 2015

Photo: Hello Mrs Kim Kardashian-West: Is that really you?

Kim Kardashian, is that you or Mel B?
The reality star doesn't look like herself on the cover of Love magazine's 13th issue, out Feb. 9. Wearing custom Prada, Kim is shown peering down a staircase, looking dramatically different from her usual self.
The 34-year-old wrote on her Instagram that the shoot took three days at a motel in Los Angeles. On one of those nights, she worked until four in the morning, but her hard work resulted in a feature that she says will be over 30 pages.
Considering her selfie book has 352 pages of photos, 30-plus pages isn't too much!
And yet, Kim knows how to get some serious attention through magazines. Her revealing Paper magazine cover shoot, where she intended to "break the internet," was one of the most buzzed-about features of last year.

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