Friday, 30 January 2015

Photos: This 31 y.o guy dates only older women, women even as old as 91!!!!

A 31-year-old man has spoken of his attraction for women several decades older than he is - and how he hasn't dated anyone under 60 in the past five years. 
Kyle Jones, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, also reveals that his oldest girlfriend was 91 as he shares his story on tonight's episode of TLC's My Strange Addiction.
'I love everything about older women. I love the smell, I love the feel, I love the mentality,' he says enthusiastically in a preview of the show.
He adds: 'I love dentures. Women can be self-conscious about dentures. Ladies, I promise you, telling your man that you have dentures will not turn him off. 
'It'll put a smile on his face. It'll put a smile on his pants.'
Age is just a number: Kyle's oldest girlfriend was 91-year-old Marjorie McCool (pictured), whom he was in a casual relationship with as of last June
Positive review: 'The date with Karen was incredible. She was 100per cent my type,' Kyle says afterward
Mutual appreciation: Karen also says she had a 'wonderful time' on her date with Kyle
Unusual type: Kyle Jones, 31, admits that he's only attracted to women several decades older than he is on tonight's episode of My Strange Addiction; he's also seen going on a first date with a woman named Karen (pictured)
Great date: 'You looked great online, but you look incredible in person,' Kyle tells Karen over dinnerFirst impression: 'She absolutely has the look that I'm attracted to. She has the platinum hair, she has a great smile,' Kyle says upon seeing Karen
Dating history: Kyle, seen with a former girlfriend, first became aware of his penchant for older women when he was in sixth grade


  1. Anonymous13:09

    Bobo has issues abeg. Probably something to do with mother figures and how mama deserted him when he was much younger. Or maybe the gratitude shown by these much older women strokes his ego so much.. A good psychiatrist would unravel him in minutes. Get help boy...


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