Friday, 30 January 2015

News: Suspected Ebola case in Sacramento, California

Public health officials in Sacramento, California, are dealing with an Ebola scare today after a patient who had recently been to West Africa checked into a local hospital.
The University of California-Davis Medical Center says the patient is suffering from Ebola-like symptoms and that the hospital has activated its Ebola response team.
Health officials have categorized this Ebola scare as 'low risk'

The patient checked in at Mercy General Hospital in Sacramento on Thursday complaining of 'symptoms consistent with Ebola infection.' 
The patient was transferred from Mercy General to the UC-Davis Medical Center, which is one of four hospitals in California designated as an Ebola treatment site by the Centers for Disease Control. 
A hospital spokesman told KTXL-TV that officials would not ave activated the 'Ebola response team' unless that patient had been to a country with active cases of Ebola.
Mercy General closed its emergency room on Wednesday to give it a full scrub-down after the patient was there.
Health officials have emphasized that the patient is at low risk for Ebola. 

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