Saturday, 31 January 2015

News: New Ebola case in Britain after military nurse suffers needle stick injury

A British healthcare worker has been flown back to Britain from Sierra Leone, after suffering an injury while treating an Ebola victim.
The military worker arrived in the UK on an RAF flight on Saturday, after suffering a ‘needle stick injury’, but has not displayed any symptoms of the deadly disease and will be closely monitored.
The Royal Free Hospital in North London (Picture: AP)
Public Health England has confirmed that the individual has been admitted to the Royal Free Hospital in north London and next of kin has been informed.
Professor Paul Cosford, Public Health England’s director for health protection and medical director said: ‘Our thoughts are with this person, who has been courageous in helping those affected in West Africa, and in preventing the wider spread of Ebola.
‘We have strict, well-tested protocols in place for this eventuality and we are confident that all appropriate actions have been taken to support the healthcare worker concerned and to protect the health of other people.’
The individual is being monitored at London’s Royal Free Hospital, where British nurses Pauline Cafferkey and Will Pooley were successfully treated for the disease in a specialist isolation unit.

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