Saturday, 31 January 2015

Photos: Did y'all hear about the suicide bombing in Pakistani mosque that killed 61 people?

Well, if you haven't heard, this suicide bombing in a Pakistani mosque yesterday left 61 people dead and now there's a protest!
Thousands of Shiite Muslims took to the streets of Pakistan to protest against the deaths of 61 worshippers, who were killed when a suicide bomber blew himself up in the middle of a mosque during Friday prayers.
Horror: 61 worshippers were killed when a suicide bomber walked into the middle of a mosque during Friday prayers

The sectarian attack - the worst to hit the country in almost two years - took place at a mosque in the Shikarpur district of southern Sindh province, about 300 miles north of Pakistan's biggest city Karachi.
Thousands attended funeral prayers for the dead today, Saturday Jan.31 2015, which had been designated a day of mourning by the provincial government, while others protested against the bombings.
Abandoned: Shoes, left at the entrance by worshippers, were left behind after the blast tore through the mosqueGrief: Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said on Saturday the whole nation was in mourning after Friday's bombing
Distraught: A day of mourning was declared by the government in southern Sindh province, closing businesses across the area
Devastating: A police officer said the bomb was loaded with steel pellets, ball bearings and other shrapnel to cause maximum damage
Shocking: The attack at the mosque in the Shikarpur district was the most violent in Pakistan since March 2013
Protests: Thousands attended the funerals, with more people taking to the streets to protest against sectarian attacks like this one
Rising: There has been an increase in sectarian violence over the past couple of years in Pakistan
Hardline: Most of the violence has been perpetrated by hardline Sunni Muslim groups against the minority Sunnis
Funerals: As people prayed for the dead, Prime Minister Sharif vowed the attack would strengthen the government's resolve to stop terrorism
Massacre: The suicide bombing comes just two months after gunmen stormed a school, killing 150 people - mainly children
Prayers: As the community mourned its loss, the Jandullah militant group claimed responsibility for the bombing
Injured: Relatives help an injured blast victim at a hospital following Friday's bomb explosion at the mosque
Death toll: About 1,000 Sunnis have been killed in sectarian violence in Pakistan over the last two years
Death sentence: The Pakistani government has bought in executions in terror-related cases and pledged to crack down on all militant groups
Planned: The suicide bomber had apparently chosen his spot in the mosque carefully, so it would have the maximum impact

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