Monday, 5 January 2015

Photos: Only in Dubai....

While pounding the pavement on Saturday, I came across this villa, all blinged up, errthing gold, even the fence!!!
I noticed that there were many cars parked outside the villa and people going in so, there must have been an event going on there, marriage perhaps?
I was indeed wowed!
As if that was not enough, last night at the entrance of the Mall of the Emirates, after watching the brilliant movie, Annie with my niece, we saw this wolf-like dog in a parked white-salon car!
The dog was so eye-catching that people stopped to take its photographs. Its eyes were like ice!
Very piercing and so attractive!!
Only in Dubai....


  1. That beautiful dog is a Husky. They have incredible eyes.

    1. Absolutely beautiful!!! @Addie x


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